Artificial Grass for Roofs, Decks and Patios

Synthetic Grass goes where No Grass has Gone Before – Roof Deck Turf

TM Turfscapes is a synthetic turf company serving all of New England. As your number one turf company we are able to provide creative possibilities for using artificial grass in areas never before imagined. Our professional team specializes in residential roof deck turf, commercial rooftops with artificial grass, and patio and terrace turf.

Artificial Grass Features

Synthetic artificial grass Roof Deck solution creates many advantages for residential and urban life by creating something out of what usually is nothing. Roof decks above a garage, outdoor and indoor decks, pool area surrounds, and many types of patios are all great examples of where synthetic artificial grass compliments or provides a longer lasting alternative to wood or composite decking and concrete deck tiles, with less maintenance. Urban residential and commercial buildings may also benefit from using synthetic artificial grass to create rooftop gardens, entertainment areas, and enhance balconies and terraces with a lightweight surface, easy installation methods and proper drainage.

While safety and functionality are our number one concern, there are many other advantages to using synthetic artificial grass, including:

  • Casual living space
  • Entertainment value
  • Pet patios – have a place for them to play
  • Good for the environment
  • Lighter load compared to other roof deck systems

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