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Ready to start improving your game and dropping that golf score?

I bet you didn’t realize that you have the ability to play much better golf than you actually think you do!  However, if you want to become great — or even just good — it will take more than just practice.  It will take hard work and a better understanding of what is effective on the golfing range, what isn’t and why.  It will take something called deliberate practice.  The truth is, you don’t need innate talent to be great at golf.  What you need is more hours of deliberate practice; practice that pushes you just beyond your abilities.

Dave Pelz chippingSYNLawn Putting Greens — Practice Right in your Backyard

Maximize the use of your custom SYNLawn putting green and get the ultimate golf experience right at home!  The Elements of Practice (EOPs) are golf drills and games created by one of the games foremost authorities on the short game, Dave Pelz and will help you practice better.  Think about it, if you practice badly you will perform badly.  It’s how you practice, where you practice and how often you practice that makes the real difference in your golf game.

Elements of Practice

Each Element of Practice focuses on specific areas of the short game essential to lowering scores.  Using exact specifications designed by Dave Pelz, each break, valley, and tier come into play in each EOP for learning and improving the essential skills necessary for lower scores.

#1 – Short putts — Approximately 43% of the game is putting… approximately half of putting, is “short putting”.

#2 – Mid-range putts — A very common leave from chips and long (lag) putts.

#3 – Most common putts — 20 feet is the most common putt distance golfers face throughout their golf career.

#4 – Lag putts — Long putts require reasonable green reading and good touch to end up close to the hole.

#5 – Distance control — Improve your touch for distance and speed control traversing up, down and over “tiers”.

#6 – Breaking putts — Enhanced green reading and speed control (touch) are the toughest skills to master and are common challenges on any golf course.

#7 – Valleys — Often overlooked, mastering valleys proves to be equally as challenging as humps and tiers.

#8 – Chip shots — With proper set-up and swing mechanics, the chip shot is one of the easiest shots in golf.

#9 – Wedge / Tee box shots — Practice soft pitch shots to wedge swings from 20 to 60 ft. away.

#10 – Bunker shots — If the bunker shot is never practiced, the bunker will always scare you.

SYNLawn Golf has a quality practice golf green for any space or price range.  Call TM Turfscapes today to get a quote on your very own custom putting green!

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